A little bit about me…

Who I am…

My name is Jason Willis, and I’m the Jason in Jason Design Studio. Like many in the design world, I started out as a freelance graphic designer and based my business out of downtown  Columbus Ohio. Being Columbus born and raised, I’m very passionate about my community. Most of my professional career has been on the sales and marketing side of business, and I’ve worked with, and for several large corporations. However my greatest joy is aiding and sharing in the success of locally owned companies and organizations.

What I do…

Graphic designers can wear a lot of hats sometimes. As a designer, we have to change and evolve as the business world around us changes and evolves. I’ll always be adding more hats as I go, and currently our focuses are marketing graphic design which includes branding and logo design, custom WordPress web design, and marketing photography services. Visit our services pages to get a closer look at the many ways Jason Design Studio can help your business evolve and grow.

Where we’re headed…

Jason Design Studio is growing and creating new relationships every week. JDS works with amazing industry partners that allows us to put the “we” in our business. This is an exciting time in central Ohio to be in the business of helping other businesses grow and find their identity in the market. Let Jason Design Studio help you find your way in a sea of marketing challenges.


Jason Willis began Jason Design Studio in Columbus, Ohio in 2014 with the simple idea to cultivate his creativity in marketing. With a passion for seeing his clients succeed, Jason started his graphic design business through existing partnerships and with good old fashioned word of mouth and hard work, making JDS what it is today.



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